Kevin Pugh

what is your opinion of feminine beer? and do you think Pugh Brew will ever offer it?

Kevin Pugh responded on 01/19/2012

Part 1 of 2...
I sought the assistance of a consultant, "the Beer Acolyte", to help respond.

"Feminine beer already exists. It's commonly referred to as quality crafted beers. I think it does an injustice to women drinkers to pander down to the lowest common denominator in trying to attract their interest. Case in point - there is currently someone from MD that is marketing a product called Chick Beer. While I've never tried the beer, I'm told that it's a basic style that doesn't really have any exceptional/distinguishing qualities. It's a pedestrian beer - that's literally wrapped in a pink six-pack holder made up like a purse.

Personally, I'd find that quite insulting - the equivalent of someone trying to sell a man on pedicures by designing the nail salon as a strip club, as an extreme analogy...

Beer is a consumable product that is a sensory experience, and it's the sensory aspect that we at Pugh Brew focus on in order to win over potential beer lovers.

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